Tesla Customer Sharing Experiences About The Solar Subscription Plan

Tesla Customer Sharing Experiences About The Solar Subscription Plan

Installing solar panels can be quite expensive. Although in the end they will be of great benefit to their owner, not every person has material opportunities for this purchase.

The family of Michael Bucchero bought their first home 20 years ago, and they were initially interested in installing solar panels, but for them the cost of this installation was extremely high, so they abandoned this idea. Michael enjoyed watching Tesla grow in the automotive industry. One day he came across a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk in which he announced the launch of a solar subscription service.

One monthly fixed rate, no installation costs or a long-term contract - this is certainly different from everything that Michael has seen in the past more than 15 years. And comparing the monthly price of the system with how it would help offset its monthly electricity bill, it became clear that financial math worked. Throughout the year, the Bucciero's family could save money by producing their own clean energy, rather than just buying it from their electric company.

Michael spoke with the Tesla team and found out that he could cancel his subscription at any time and for any reason. That was what gave him the confidence he needed so badly, after which Michael decided to sign up. After dreaming about it for almost 20 years, Michael finally installed Tesla's solar panels in the house.

"It took almost 20 years, but I finally installed solar on our home through Tesla and I couldn’t be happier with the results!"

Before Tesla's solar panels were installed, the Bucciero's family paid an average of $200 a month for electricity. Two months later, they already saw significant savings. Their electricity bill fell to about $12 per month (including customer service fees) because 800 kWh of electricity was generated in 5 months - and that’s before the days in the region where it lives the family became longer. By adding $150 to the subscription, Michael still saves an average of $38 a month and almost $500 a year. Throughout the process of switching to solar energy with Tesla, he had no costs, tricks, and zero effort to install and monitor their solar system.

"The entire subscription model is in my favor and the savings truly add up."

Source: Michael Bucchero

Michael received another benefit besides financial: now his children can learn to live sustainably. His family was always attentive to the use of energy - they turned off the lights and turned off unused devices. But the Tesla app does make learning Michael's children interesting and fun. During the day, they see the clean energy that the panels produce. At night, his children will also find out how much energy leaves when they leave the light in empty rooms. "It’s been amazing to watch them change their behavior at such a young age and become more conscious of our impact," says Michael.

Source: Michael Bucchero

Solar power was the first step for the Bucciero's family to become more energy independent. It feeds their daily lives, allows them to be the first sustainable home in the quarter, and puts some money back in their pocket. They set an example for their neighbors, who recently began installing their Tesla solar panels. Michael says his family intends to purchase Powerwall to further improve their system, and they hope to buy a Tesla car soon to take advantage of all this clean energy!

Featired image: Michael Bucchero

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