Tesla Cybertruck Again Spotted Testing Before Start of Mass Production

Tesla Cybertruck Again Spotted Testing Before Start of Mass Production

Image: @teslatechbro/Twitter

Tesla Cybertruck is spotted again during testing ahead of mass production. The electric truck gracefully and almost silently navigated a loop on a test track in Fremont.

Mass production of Cybertruck is approaching, so we are now seeing the truck being tested more often. In recent months, prototypes have been tested in various locations both in the factory territory and in the wild. This may indicate the company is conducting final testing before starting mass production.

@teslatechbro/Twitter recently spotted Cybertruck being tested on the Fremont test track. He shared the photos and videos on Twitter early Monday morning, but they were taken on Sunday. The video shows how Cybertruck gracefully makes a circle around the track. You can see that it moves confidently and steadily, floating smoothly along the track. It moved almost silently, which may even lead to thinking that it is gliding through the air, and not on asphalt.

Tesla is already setting up a production line for Cybertruck at Giga Texas, while producing alpha versions for testing in Fremont. The start of production is scheduled for the middle of the year—that is, in a couple of months. Keep in mind the company has yet to calibrate the equipment and start test production before the first pick-up trucks are produced for sale. Tesla expects the first deliveries to take place at the end of Q3 2023. Elon Musk said we should not expect a significant amount of Cybertrucks to be delivered this year.

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