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Tesla Cybertruck Fan-Made Ad Has More Heart Than Million-Dollar Campaigns From Legacy Automakers (Video)


A Tesla Cybertruck spec ad made by a fan shows more heart than the million-dollar campaigns that legacy automakers release. Billy Crammer’s spec ad for the CYBRTRK revealed how much of an inspiration Tesla’s EV pickup has become to content creators and artists.

Billy Crammer is a freelance video creator who seemed to be inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck. Crammer’s video perfectly encapsulates the thoughts and feelings put into the CYBRTRK’s design.

In the fan-made spec ad, the Cybertruck is revealed piece by piece in close up shots while electronic 80s’-like music plays in the background. The music builds up slowly into a crescendo in the middle of the video, which makes the entire video feel like an action movie trailer.

The ad’s vibe matches popular movies from the 80s’, especially the action-thriller “Terminator.” And the Cybertruck is the main protagonist. The Cybertruck ad is also reminiscent of old commercials like the one for LG’s Chocolate Phone in the early 2000s’, which is fitting since Tesla’s electric cars are also considered as tech devices on wheels.

Crammer’s Cybertruck spec ad isn’t too flashy, but it is very effective. The whole ad exudes coolness without trying too hard. Anyone who hasn’t preordered a Cybertruck might actually be convinced by the spec, and anyone who has already preordered one might be persuaded to get another just because the Cybertruck looks so good in the video.

Crammer’s ad for the CYBRTRK stands in contrast to the million-dollar campaigns legacy automakers have released for their electric vehicles. Crammer’s ad only featured the Cybertruck and made it the focal point of the video.

In comparison, legacy automakers usually focus on a famous or popular figure to carry their commercials. Legacy automakers' EV ads also tend to have some sort of gimmick.

For instance, Porsche’s ad for the Taycan showcased some of the legacy automaker’s most famous cars, not just its EV. Porsche’s Taycan ad basically screamed, “Look at all the cars we’ve made in the past. Our EV will probably be just as good.”

Meanwhile, Audi’s commercial for the e-tron featured Maisie Williams singing Disney’s “Let It Go” from “Frozen.” The ad played to everything most viewers would be familiar with and most significantly loved. After all, “Let It Go” was on repeat at almost every radio station and in people’s homes for quite some time after “Frozen” was widely released. And who didn’t love Maisie Williams’ character on “Game of Thrones.”

There may have been a million reasons as to why Crammer focused mainly on the Cybertruck in his ad. One is that the whole video was made through a render of the CYBRTRK and not the actual Tesla pickup. But Crammer’s effort and his final product reveal how strong Tesla’s word-of-mouth campaign has become.

Tesla doesn’t need to spend millions of money on ads when enthusiasts like Crammer are inspired to make videos like the Cybertruck ad for its products. Videos like the one Crammer made for the all-electric pickup have a lot of heart and usually depict Tesla's vehicles in the most accurate light.  

Featured Image Credit: Billy Crammer/Twitter 

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