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Tesla Cybertruck Trailer Render Is A Glimpse At A Futuristic Tiny House Design


A Tesla Cybertruck trailer render has given people a glimpse at a futuristic tiny house design. Tesla’s CYBRTRK seems to be inspiring more creatives to think outside the box and reach for the future.

Tesla enthusiast @Supermantibody shared a render of a futuristic tiny house trailer that seemed inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck. Tiny house living has become a social movement, particularly in the United States. Usually, tiny house designs looks like traditional homes but smaller. The tiny house design @Supermantibody shared went in a different direction. The exterior of the trailer seemed to take some inspiration from the Cyber theme of Tesla’s pickup truck.

The Tiny House Movement has appealed to a lot of people partly because it offers certain financial freedoms. Living in a tiny home allows people to focus on only the essentials in life, often leaving no for extra baggage—both literally and metaphorically speaking. Choosing to live tiny is a conscious decision that should not be taken lightly.

One of the financial advantages of living in a tiny house would be its environmental benefits. Tiny homes have fewer utilities, and some may even be completely off-grid. The Tesla Cybertruck trailer render seems capable of being off-grid, as shown by the solar panel on its roof.

One Cybertruck reservation holder actually did the math and revealed he could probably live 200 days straight off the grid with Tesla’s pickup truck. The Tesla ecosystem could prove useful for anyone wanting to live in a tiny house.
For example, Tesla solar panels and its Powerwalls could provide enough power for a tiny house’s basic utilities. The Cybertruck’s tonneau cover can actually be equipped with a solar panel for extra power. Tesla-Cybertruck-Trailer-Tiny-House

Credit: Tesla

Elon Musk’s CYBRTRK was inspired by cars in the 80s’—like the DeLorean from the Back to the Future franchise—which was how people imagined vehicles would be in this day and age. Unfortunately, only Tesla seems brave enough to explore “new” ideas and has the guts to move past the prototype phase. 

The Tesla Cybertruck’s origami-like design received mixed reviews when it was first unveiled. However, it is undeniable that Tesla’s all-electric pickup has gained popularity since it was first revealed. Its’ unique design also inspired other creatives to explore futuristic concepts and themes.

Featured Image Credit: @Supermantibody/Twitter

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