Tesla Denies Rumor that Some Stores in Big Cities in China Are Closing

by Eva Fox September 20, 2022

Tesla Denies Rumor that Some Stores in Big Cities in China Are Closing

Photo: Tesla

Tesla China has denied a rumor that some stores in China are moving to the suburbs. The company continues to grow at a steady pace, adding new stores as planned.

Last week, Channel News Asia, citing sources, reported that Tesla will begin to focus more on stores in less expensive suburban areas. People who were allegedly familiar with the case reported that service centers could be located in such places. As part of this policy, some stores in major cities in China were required to close.

However, the rumor was denied by the company. Tesla China responded to China Business News, stating that domestic sales channels are still in the normal rhythm of expansion, and information received from unknown sources is not true. This means that the manufacturer continues to open its stores as planned.

Tesla is often at the center of various rumors, as it usually does not brag about its upcoming plans, and only reports on the work done. While some rumors are harmless, others can harm the company. It is good to see that Tesla representatives in China are keen to dispel false rumors.

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