Ecologists from Brandenburg say Tesla had a “frank conversation” with them

Ecologists from Brandenburg say Tesla had a “frank conversation” with them

For the planned Tesla's plant, the Brandenburg government allocated a territory near Grünheide. But recently, concerns have been raised about protecting the environment in the area, especially regarding water supply. Therefore, Tesla met with representatives of the environment on Thursday.

As it turned out, a territory was allocated for the Tesla plant, to which special requirements are made. The approval process is currently in government bodies.

Steffen Schorcht is one of the representatives of environmental protection. As a resident of nearby Erkner, he is afraid of problems with water supply and its possible consequences for the environment in the region. Therefore, he protested against the Tesla factory on the initiative of citizens.

According to him, Tesla representatives didn't know about the problem and the requirements for the water protection zone. During the meeting, they were surprised when he asked them about it. “If there is no water there, Tesla will not come,” the company spokesman said in an interview with environmentalists.

Schorcht praised the meeting with Tesla as a “frank conversation”: “The mood was very positive. Too bad this has not happened before."

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According to Schorcht, the meeting was attended by representatives of Tesla and Arcadis, commissioned by Tesla. Arcadis also oversees the local information office for Gigafactory. Several representatives of environmental associations, both from hunting and forestry, were also present at this meeting.

There were four main points in the non-public discussion: species protection, trade, forest conversion and water resources. According to Schorcht, Tesla "has made serious efforts to find solutions."

On Friday, the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) said Tesla wants to use less water on Gigafactory 4 than planned. Tesla initially expected water consumption to be 372 cubic meters per hour. According to Heinzel-Berndt, now it wants to reduce water consumption to 238 cubic meters, for example, by utilizing wastewater and using other cooling systems.

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