Tesla Fremont Factory May Reopen May 8th

Tesla Fremont Factory May Reopen May 8th

Today, the California governor said via his Twitter account that some sectors where there is a lower risk of coronavirus transmission will be able to adapt and reopen with modifications. 

California is one of some states that are not heavily affected by COVID-19. After the studies were conducted and the relevant data were collected, Gavin Newsom announced that it was decided to gradually move into Stage 2 this Friday, May 8th.

Gradually, certain sectors will begin to open up, where there is a lower risk of transmission, and which will be able to adapt and re-open with modifications. This primarily includes some retail and manufacturing/logistics.

Since Tesla's Fremont plant is a manufacturing facility, there is a high probability that it will be reopened. In addition, the automaker has experience in reorganizing the work process, respectively, with all safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease in the factory.

At the moment, we only assume that Tesla will be among the businesses that will be open, and, above all, Alameda County should have accepted and approved this.

Tesla is a very important business for the entire state, thanks to which California receives billions of dollars of revenue. That is why it is so important to start the work of the factory, which, while continuing to work, will economically support the entire state and give work to people who, due to COVID-19, were left without a livelihood.

After the resumption of work in Fremont, forecasts for the Q2 2020 will undoubtedly change for the better and due to the fact that Tesla made cars in China, a temporary shutdown of production facilities in the US should not cause a significant negative impact.

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