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Tesla Fremont To Upgrade GA Production Line, Temporary Pause Will Drive Next Level Ramping

Tesla Fremont To Upgrade GA Production Line, Temporary Pause Will Drive Next Level Ramping

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While Tesla is building new Gigafactories in China and Germany, the California EV maker also focuses on expanding its current factory in Fremont, California. After the construction of a new tent for the GA4.5 assembly line was completed, Tesla needed to carry out some reconstruction of the current production line, and install equipment for the new assembly line.

Tesmanian previously reported that the construction of the tent, which will house the assembly line for Model Y, is almost complete. The whole process took Tesla about 2 weeks.

Now the company needs to install equipment, so the plant will be temporarily paused for a short period of time. The focus will be on expanding the production capacity of Model Y. Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote in an internal letter that Model Y is the top priority for both production and manufacturing engineering.

After the new production line begins to operate, Tesla will continue to ramp up Model Y production at a fast pace. Previously, the company could produce Model 3 and Model Y only in moderate quantities, since there was not enough production capacity. Now the assembly of the models will take place in separate assembly lines, so the production capacity at the California-based factory will increase dramatically.

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are both in very high demand, so the expansion of production capacity is a necessity. Despite the fact that Model Y production in China is scheduled for early 2021 and mid-2021 in Germany, Tesla will need to satisfy the needs of the electric SUV markets around the world. As of right now, it is very important to quickly modernize the factory.

This expansion is necessary. Starting from 3Q 2020, Tesla will increase production significantly, which will certainly have a positive impact going forward.

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