Tesla FSD Subscription SaaS to Bring Untouchable Benefit to Investors & Owners, Launches Early 2021

Tesla FSD Subscription SaaS to Bring Untouchable Benefit to Investors & Owners, Launches Early 2021

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With the advent of Full Self-Driving (FSD), vehicle capabilities will expand many times over. Because humans will not need to drive, for instance, FSD will make it possible for Teslas to be used as Robotaxis. Cars with FSD have tremendous advantages over сars with a human driver. Aside from convenience, it is much safer and better at handling difficult road situations.

The cost of FSD has now reached $10,000, which may already be expensive for many consumers. Nevertheless, the more FSD is improved, the more expensive it will become, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said for several years now.

Another part of the topic is that not all people who use Teslas are car owners. They can lease it for a while, for example. Therefore, spending thousands of dollars to obtain FSD for a short period may seem impractical. With this in mind, Tesla will soon be providing a FSD subscription, which will surely gain a lot of popularity among customers, who use Tesla in leasing.

This isn't the first time there's been talk about a FSD Subscription. Musk has mentioned several times this year that the company will provide the service sometime in 2021. He confirmed today that the company remains with its earlier plan, and the service will indeed release in early 2021.

Tesmanian recently reported that everything indicates that Tesla has been preparing for a release of FSD Subscription for a long time, as this button has been hidden in the code since at least April 2020. We also reported that there is reason to believe that the Subscription option will potentially be split into multiple tiers for different functions.

FSD Subscription will be an excellent opportunity for a wider range of users to access Full Self-Driving, which will significantly improve our quality of life. Meanwhile, any FSD sales, whether outright or via Subscription as a Service (SaaS), will be ultra-high profit, directly bolstering Tesla’s bottom line. SaaS, given its enhanced affordability and therefore ease of access, will draw in further accounts receivable to the company.

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