Giga 3 Shanghai

Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai New Expansion To Improve Production Capacity, New China Autonomous Policy 2025

Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai

New update of Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai in China:
Chinese media reporter was told by the sources, bidding for some important projects in Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai Phase 1.5 ended on Feb 24th. Including steel structure production in the stamping workshop are about to start with only 1 month estimated construction period. It shows that Tesla China is accelerating the follow-up projects in the Gigafactory Shanghai, ramping the production capacity for China-Made Model 3 vehicles.

On February 24th, National Development and Reform Commission (China) and the Central Network Information Office (China) jointly issued the "Smart Vehicle Innovation and Development Strategy." In this new Chinese Government policy mentioned, by year 2025, the technological innovation, industrial ecology, infrastructure, regulations, standards, product supervision and network security system of China's standard Smart Cars will be basically formed. The new policy is to help the "Smart Vehicles" with conditional autonomous driving technology capability to reach large-scale of production.

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