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Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Mid Of March Construction Update [Video]

by Eva Fox March 21, 2020

Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Mid Of March Construction Update [Video]

According to information from foreign media and from enthusiasts who monitor the progress of Giga Berlin, construction work for the Tesla factory in Grünheide continues despite coronavirus outbreak.

According to the local government, the construction of the planned factory of the California automaker is proceeding according to plan.

Tesla received permission to level the land on its site. The company can remove the topsoil from the cleared area and level it. Upper soil removal of up to 12 inches was allowed. The State Department of Environmental Protection has announced that only soil materials suitable for use in water protection zones can be introduced. The company must comply with environmental requirements when working.

At the moment, the main efforts of the team are aimed precisely at leveling the land for the future factory building. Dozens of bulldozers, rollers and special conveyors are currently doing just that. Local enthusiast @tobilindh, made a video that perfectly shows what is currently happening on the site.


And as you can see from the photos and videos, Tesla has done a lot of work in this direction and has made tremendous progress.

Photo by @gigafactory_4

The local construction company is also taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among workers. At the moment, 80 people are working on the site.

rbb 24 reports that the risk of infection of people working at the construction site is relatively low. Workers mainly work on construction machines individually. In order to minimize the risk of their infection during the lunch break, the company installed additional containers so that employees could keep their distance from each other during meals.

The Ministry of the Environment has also issued permits allowing the Strausberg Erkner Water Association (WSE) to pump more water to supply Giga Berlin.

Currently, the WSE produces nearly 11 million cubic meters of water per year, providing approximately 160,000 people. With new permits, the association is allowed to expand its water facilities in Erkner and Petershagen/Eggersdorf, and then produce a total of almost 15 million cubic meters per year.

At the same time, the WSE can provide the planned Tesla plant with enough water, a spokeswoman of the water association, Sandra Ponesky, said on Thursday.

Source: WSE

Wastewater from the planned Tesla factory must be treated at the Berliner Wasserbetriebe treatment plant in Münchehofe. Giga Berlin will have to build a 9-mile line to treatment facilities. Berliner Wasserbetriebe now has to coordinate wastewater quantities and peaks with Tesla.

The construction of Gigi Berlin is progressing very fast. One by one, Tesla gets the necessary permissions, and issues that used to be problems are resolved smoothly and stably.

Featured image: @gigafactory_4

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