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Tesla Giga Texas Is Making Huge Daily Progress: January 23 Construction Update

Tesla Giga Texas Is Making Huge Daily Progress: January 23 Construction Update

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Now the construction process of Tesla's Giga Texas is advancing not just very quickly, but making huge leaps daily. Changes and significant progress in construction can be noticed every 24 hours. The work on the site is so active that it seems that soon we will see the finished shell of the building.

During the night of January 18-19, 2021, concrete foundations for three Giga Press machines were poured at Giga Texas. On January 21, several massive containers and crates with the first Giga Press components arrived at the construction site. January 22, the base frame of the first Giga Press was unboxed and moved into position.

The building, stretching from the north to the center, grows significantly every day, and will soon occupy a big part of the territory. On its eastern side, in parallel with the installation of the Giga Presses, active construction of the Casting building is taking place. It is already connected to the long building in the center. The construction of a massive structure in the east-central part is also ongoing, which will soon be merged with the main structure.

On the west side, a large building has grown, which is about to be connected to a long building in the center. Along the western edge, the foundation has already been partially poured, and the first row of slabs has been installed, which will form the walls. Also, a long trench stretches from south to north in which apparently a foundation will be installed, which would serve as a support for the wall of the production building.

The building in the southeastern part of the site created the first corner of Giga Texas, which is an iconic hallmark of all the company's factories built. Looking at it, it is now much easier to imagine how the new factory will look.

Tesla is actively building a new factory in the United States. The company is keen to finish construction of the outer shell as soon as possible because the highest rainfall in Texas takes place in May and June. Once the shell is complete, the interior work, equipment installation, and test production of Model Y can begin.


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