Tesla Giga Berlin Progress Charges on, as Drive Unit Building Shield Nears Completion

Tesla Giga Berlin Progress Charges on, as Drive Unit Building Shield Nears Completion

Tesla continues the rapid construction of Giga Berlin. Every day, there are significant advances as buildings continue to take on a shell.

The progress in the construction of the Drive Unit is especially notable. The North, South, and now the East Walls are almost complete. The roof is being covered quickly, as 2/3 has already been completed.

Source: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

Source: @tobilindh/Twitter

Construction of the Paint Shop continues; now there are more walls, and a roof. In one part of the building, it seems there will be 3 floors, while in another section, there are no visible floors. New footage from @tobilindh's video confirms that one part of the building does not have any fasteners to install floors. Perhaps this is where the "latest equipment" will be installed, which is expected to render the Giga Berlin paint shop the most advanced paint shop in the world.

Source: @tobilindh/Twitter

The speed of construction of the Body in White is pleasantly surprising. Most of the building is already covered with a roof frame. @Gf4Tesla/Twitter reports that roofing has already started today.

Photos from the video taken on August 23 by @tobilindh:

Photo from August 26 by @Gf4Tesla:

Special attention is paid to the construction of the Press Shop. Tesla recently changed the construction plan for Press Shop and Casting. Previously, both buildings had plans that included solid piles that reached the groundwater table.

In response to concerns from environmentalists and local communities, the company has shown flexibility, revising the construction plan. Instead of 1,100 previously required piles, only 500-550 will be used. According to Tesla's representatives, now only the Press Shop will need piles; the Casting building will be built by a different method. "Only the press shop, but no longer the Casting, is built on piles."

At the moment, several hundred piles have already been installed and the construction process continues.

Source: @tobilindh/Twitter

The installation of pillars for the General Assembly section has also begun. At this point, all of the main Phase 1 buildings are already under construction.

Source: @tobilindh/Twitter

LEAG reported that Tesla has begun transporting unearthed material that had been removed during site preparation, prior to construction. TSS, a subsidiary of LEAG, cooperates with the construction company ARIKON GROUP in the environmentally friendly processing of this ground.

"Our transport and logistics company has received the order to safely transport a total of 100,000 cubic meters of earth to Lusatia, where it will initially be temporarily stored in order to later be used to recycle the post-mining landscape in the Jänschwalde open-cast mine," explains Dr. Charles-Andre Uhlig, Managing Director of TSS.

The harmonious work of the German government, environmentalists, and Tesla is truly spectacular to behold. And, if progress continues at this blistering pace, Giga Berlin may not only be one of the largest factories ever built, but also the fastest.

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