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Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Operating in 3 Shifts this Week with Initial Capacity of 4,500 Model Ys per Week

Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Operating in 3 Shifts this Week with Initial Capacity of 4,500 Model Ys per Week

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Tesla Giga Berlin starts operating in three shifts this week with an initial capacity of 4,500 Model Ys per week. This will increase production capacity by 64% compared to November.

Gigafactory Berlin will start working in three shifts from December 16, according to the MOZ report. This means that Tesla in Germany will be able to produce cars around the clock. According to the information, the factory expects to produce 300 vehicles per shift. This means that 900 vehicles per day will be produced, 64% more than the 550 vehicles per day that Giga Berlin was producing at the end of November.

The last official information about the production capacity of the factory was received on October 1. It was then announced that Giga Berlin was producing 2,000 cars a week. Since then, on November 28, unofficial information has shown that the factory was already producing 550 vehicles a day, or more than 3,000 Model Ys a week. It is worth bearing in mind that Giga Berlin has a five-day work week, however, 1-2 times a month, the factory works six days a week, so it is difficult to calculate the exact number of cars produced.

With the third shift, Giga Berlin's production capacity will increase to 900 Model Ys per day. This means that in a 5-day week, 4,500 cars will be produced per week. If, after the start of the third shift, the factory has two 6-day working weeks, then this will mean that Tesla will reach a production capacity of approximately 5,400 Model Ys per week. The company's goal was to reach a production capacity of 5,000 vehicles per week by the end of 2022/early 2023, and everything seems to be going according to plan for now.

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