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Tesla Giga Berlin: Elon Musk Seeks Top Problem-Solvers, “Don’t Care If or Where They Went School”

Tesla Giga Berlin: Elon Musk Seeks Top Problem-Solvers, “Don’t Care If or Where They Went School”

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is visiting Germany in order to personally settle some of the issues related to the construction process and to hire a team of new employees "25 Guns" who will become Tesla's problem-solvers there.

Musk tweeted yesterday that he will be interviewing job seekers on Friday for one of the most impressive projects in Europe, Giga Berlin. He indicated that the interview would be personally conducted by him and that it would take place in the factory. Anyone who meets the stated requirements can send their resume to

Today Musk wrote several clarifying tweets about what kind of employees he needs and what qualities they should have. Musk clarified that he is looking for those who can solve problems very quickly. The CEO doesn't care if or where they went to school.

He also asked job seekers, when submitting their resume, to describe some of the toughest problems they have ever solved and how they did it.

Tesla has been faced with the daunting bureaucratic apparatus of Germany, and unforeseen delays associated with it. The public hearings in Erkner took an unexpectedly long time and the document review process is still ongoing, affecting the speed of obtaining final construction approval.

“The overall goal is to have the first cars off the assembly line in Grünheide next year,” said Brandenburg Economy Minister Jörg Steinbach after meeting Musk at the construction site. "We agreed on a reasonable common line."

“Of course, we also talked about the schedule and the approval process,” the minister said. "Elon Musk asked to explain what is possible and what is not, so as not to jeopardize the legal security of the project."

Tesla wanted to start installing equipment at the Paint Shop in October, but this was delayed. The company has applied for further prior authorization in parallel with the ongoing environmental approval process for Giga Berlin, which has not yet been approved. In the letter, Tesla asks the office to individually approve the Paint Shop assembly regardless of general approval. This should recoup a bit of lost time after an unexpectedly protracted public hearing process.

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