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Tesla Giga Berlin Is Hiring Fast, with Over 4,000 Employees Already on Duty

Tesla Giga Berlin Is Hiring Fast, with Over 4,000 Employees Already on Duty

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Tesla Giga Berlin continues its rapid hiring as it ramps up production. The Brandenburg state government said the manufacturer has already employed more than 4,000 employees.

U.S. manufacturer Tesla has already hired about a third of the target number of employees for its Giga Berlin, according to the state government of Brandenburg. “Just over 4,000 employees have been hired so far,” Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach told the state parliament’s economic committee on Wednesday. These are people from 50 different countries, which only emphasizes that the manufacturer gives everyone equal opportunities for employment. Half of all employees live directly in Berlin, about 40 percent in Brandenburg, and 10 percent abroad.

According to the plan, Tesla will bring on 12,000 employees to produce 500,000 vehicles a year in the first phase of the factory expansion. The factory started operating in March 2022, and will need some time to ramp up production.

State governments have confirmed that, so far, electric vehicles have been produced in single shifts. However, Tesla plans to introduce a second shift as early as the second quarter. “The second shift should start in the second quarter,” Steinbach said. “The third shift will be scheduled depending on the increase in production,” he continued.

In addition to providing jobs, Giga Berlin also provides places for studying and dual studies. Applications are currently being processed for 145 places under this initiative. If all these positions are filled, Tesla will become the largest training company in Brandenburg.

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