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Tesla Giga Berlin Planted 175 Hectares of Forest, Exceeds its Obligations to Brandenburg

Tesla Giga Berlin Planted 175 Hectares of Forest, Exceeds its Obligations to Brandenburg

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While some German media manipulate the facts to make Tesla a villain, the company calmly and confidently continues to fulfill its obligations to Brandenburg, having already planted 62% of the planned trees. Taking on the obligation to plant three times more forest than was required, Tesla is successfully moving towards achieving its goal.

By clearing a pine plantation previously intended for cardboard recycling to build a new plant, Tesla has pledged to plant three times more quality forests as a compensation measure. From a conservation point of view, pine forests have a relatively low value, but the company finances the planting of not only pine trees, but also deciduous trees, which are of great environmental value.

The Naturraum für Generationen (NfG) project from Oegelner Fließ GmbH has already implemented about 62 percent of the first afforestation measures to offset the clearance of Tesla's construction site. The company has implemented over 175 hectares of the first plantations in Brandenburg. The area of ​​measures already taken has already exceeded the area cut down for the company's factory. At the moment, for Giga Berlin, the tree clearance area is 156 hectares.

Martin Szaramowitz from the Brandenburg Land Agency is pleased with the implementation of these measures. The trees planted last winter have taken root and are growing well at the moment. Bushes have been planted around the edges of the new site, and the site itself is planted with maple, oak, and pine. In total, Tesla has to plant 294 hectares of forest. 42% of this was planted in autumn and winter 2020, 20% of afforestation took place in 2019, 38% will be planted in autumn 2021. 60% of the first plantations are deciduous trees, so the forest will be of the highest ecological quality.

“Here we have the opportunity to mimic nature and design the forest to be as climate-friendly as possible,” said Axel Behmann of the organization that implements Tesla reforestation measures RBB24. “This is a real pioneering work that we are doing here. Reforestation in this variety has never been done before."

Reforestation is a complex process and trees can fail or dry out during the hot summer months. This is why the forestry administration will check whether the forests really have been created in about eight to ten years, and only then will Tesla's contract with the local agency be considered fulfilled. Tesla is also ready to implement other countervailing measures that could benefit the entire region.

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