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Tesla Giga Berlin Seeking 8,000 Employees as Plant Construction Speed Escalates

Tesla Giga Berlin Seeking 8,000 Employees as Plant Construction Speed Escalates

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The construction of Giga Berlin is proceeding at a fast pace and it is time to take a closer look at hiring. A recruiting agency is working with Tesla to find 8,000 employees for the factory.

A project team from the Frankfurt Oder Employment Agency will train about 500 employment agencies in Berlin and Brandenburg over the next few weeks. In the future, they will have to find representatives from different professional groups for Tesla--from warehouse employees to print technology engineers and managers. According to the employment agency, the group wants to focus on wages in the metallurgical and electrical industries. The starting salary should be more than 2,700 euros per month gross, according to RBB24.

For simple jobs, they will look for unemployed or lateral entrants. People without professional qualifications will also be eligible to participate in the selection. The agency wants to recruit employees primarily from Brandenburg and Berlin.

The agency and Tesla began working together in May. Within two weeks, the recruiting agency, together with the group, opened an office to facilitate the search for employees. Since Tesla offers above average salaries in the region, all employees will belong to the higher-paid half of the working population in Brandenburg.

According to Evan Horetsky, who is responsible for the construction of Giga Berlin, the factory is currently about 20% complete. Although initially slated to start production in mid-2021, given the speed of construction, Tesla should be ahead of schedule and start production in early 2021. According to this plan, the company will need a number of employees much earlier than planned.


Ultimately, Giga Berlin could employ up to 40,000 workers. "Provided the final extension becomes a reality this will mean up to 40,000 workers in 3 shifts, coming and going by car, by train and by bike, 23 trains/day," said Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Energy Jörg Steinbach to Tesmanian. 

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