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Tesla Giga Shanghai Hires Nearly 1K Workers for Model Y Production in China

by Eva Fox August 27, 2020

Tesla Giga Shanghai Hires Nearly 1K Workers for Model Y Production in China

Featured image: Reuters

The construction of Giga Shanghai Phase 2 is almost complete. Manufacturing equipment for Model Y continues to be installed and production tests will shortly begin. Tesla has now announced the hiring of 1,000 employees at Giga Shanghai to manufacture the new model.

Tesla China posted a job posting on WeChat today. Jobs are in 9 departments, including die-casting workshop, stamping workshop, motor workshop, final assembly workshop, logistics, and supercharging stations. In addition, 11 departments will recruit a number of managers and technicians.

Among them, the motor workshop is recruiting 180 production operators, the final assembly workshop is recruiting a total of 370 production operators, the body shop is recruiting 140 production operators, and the logistics department is recruiting 200 logistics forklift workers, totaling nearly 1,000 people, Reuters reported.

There is no doubt that the company is recruiting employees for the production of Model Y, which is due to roll off the assembly line in early 2021. Despite the company's announced plan, there is every reason to believe that Tesla will surprise its customers and mass production of the new model will begin ahead of schedule.

At the end of July, Tesla already announced the recruitment of production operators for die-casting, stamping, bodywork, painting, and final assembly. This is the second time this year that Giga Shanghai has undertaken large-scale hiring. This is due to both the expansion of the production of Model 3 and the hiring of employees for the production of Model Y.

Tesla China is actively expanding its presence in the Chinese market. China is the second-largest sales market for Tesla, but there is reason to believe that it will soon become the main one. With the start of the production of Model Y, the situation will dramatically change.


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