Tesla Giga Shanghai Goes Plaid: Wait Times for Almost All Car Models in China Drops 6 Weeks

Tesla Giga Shanghai Goes Plaid: Wait Times for Almost All Car Models in China Drops 6 Weeks

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is operating in Plaid mode and is actively producing Model 3s and Model Ys. The waiting time of almost all models in China has now been reduced by six weeks, delighting customers.

Tesla has once again reduced waiting times for almost all of its Giga Shanghai-made models for domestic deliveries. The reduction in time affected all models and variations produced at the factory, except for the base Model Y, the delivery time of which was reduced earlier to 1-4 weeks. At the moment, Giga Shanghai produces Model 3 in two versions (Long Range and Performance), as well as Model Y in three versions (base, Long Range, and Performance).

Now, Model 3 waiting times, in both versions, are 6-10 weeks, showing a 6-week reduction in waiting time compared to 12-16 weeks previously. This is a significant reduction, speeding up delivery by a month and a half, which is very positive news.

The expected waiting time for Model Y Long Range delivery is now 10-14 weeks, six weeks shorter than the previous 16-20 weeks. The wait time for Model Y Performance has also been reduced by six weeks—from 12-16 weeks previously to 6-10 weeks now.

Over the past two months, Tesla has already several times reduced the wait times for cars manufactured by Giga Shanghai for the Chinese market. This indicates that the scale of the modernization of the factory, which took place in July-early August, was huge. In addition, it is clear that the Giga Shanghai team was able to quickly ramp up production to new, higher levels in accordance with its new capacity. According to multiple media reports, Tesla has upgraded its production lines at the factory to an annual production capacity of around 1.1-1.2 million units.

It should be kept in mind that Tesla has not officially announced the new production capacity of Giga Shanghai after the upgrade. However, CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly stated that the factory will significantly increase production. He emphasized that, in the second half of 2022, Giga Shanghai will not only catch up due to the production stoppage in the spring, but will also achieve new records, significantly increasing the manufacturer's total annual production capacity.

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