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Tesla Giga Shanghai Starts Exporting Model 3, Factory Pushes 24/7 Production & Preps for MIC Model Y

Tesla Giga Shanghai Starts Exporting Model 3, Factory Pushes 24/7 Production & Preps for MIC Model Y

Tesla Giga Shanghai has undergone significant changes over the past few weeks. Production capacity has been expanded, the number of shifts has been increased, preparations are underway to start mass production of Model Y, and now, production of Model 3 for export has begun. 

Tesmanian's source, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that Giga Shanghai is starting to export MIC Model 3, which is consistent with the data obtained from observations of the factory. The latest footage from WU WA/YouTube shows that about 80 Model 3s are covered with a special protective film for transportation. This film is typically used only if cars will be transported by train or ship to protect the coating from harmful environmental influences, dust and scratches.

Specially prepared vehicles are pre-charged on the Supercharger, which was recently installed on the territory of Giga Shanghai and became the largest in the world. Once charged, Model 3s are loaded onto trucks and transported to the parking lot outside the factory.

Source: WU WA/YouTube


So far, all Model 3s have been observed to have a steering wheel on the left side. Most likely, these vehicles will be shipped to the nearest countries with left-hand traffic in China or South Korea. However, we have not received confirmation to which counties or countries these Model 3s will be shipped.

Tesmanian's source explained that, for the production of Model 3, Giga Shanghai has two active shifts of 11 hours each. This means that Model 3 is produced 22 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, there is a 3rd shift at the factory, which is focused on training for the production of Model Y. Thus, we received confirmation that Giga Shanghai has begun test production of the long-awaited electric crossover. However, we do not have more detailed information regarding this issue.


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