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Tesla Giga Shanghai Could Soon Begin Delivery of Model Y in China & Europe

Tesla Giga Shanghai Could Soon Begin Delivery of Model Y in China & Europe

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Tesla is speeding up its production plans for its Shanghai-made Model Y. Production and delivery for China and Europe are likely to begin earlier than expected.

A source familiar with the case, but on condition of anonymity, told Tesmanian that mass production of Model Y at Giga Shanghai would begin in December. This is consistent with earlier suggestions that test production of the model could begin as early as October-November.

At the end of September, our source also announced that Giga Shanghai will soon start working in three shifts. The increase in work shifts will occur after the Chinese National Holiday, which runs October 1st - 7th 2020. Over the past months, Tesla China has been actively recruiting staff, both to work on the expanded production line for Model 3 and to produce Model Y.

This expansion of production capacity is due to the fact that Giga Shanghai will soon start producing cars not only for the domestic market but also for export in Asia and Europe, although Japan and Korea are likely the first markets to receive these exports. But Tesla China will not stop there.

Tesmanian's source also dropped some unexpected and exciting news: the China-made Tesla Model Y will also be delivered to the European market starting in December 2020. This will come as very welcome news to Europeans who are eagerly awaiting the start of Model Y sales.

For the time being, Tesla's website shows that Model Y delivery to Europe is scheduled for early 2021. Ahead-of-schedule deliveries are not new for the popular electric crossover, which entered the market six months earlier than expected, so it is highly likely that production at Giga Shanghai will also get a head start. In addition to many surprised and happy customers, this accelerated schedule for Shanghai-made Model Y could also significantly increase the number of deliveries and earnings for Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

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