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Tesla Giga Shanghai Produced Almost 11K Cars in April, Working in Just 1 Shift After 3 Weeks Downtime

Tesla Giga Shanghai Produced Almost 11K Cars in April, Working in Just 1 Shift After 3 Weeks Downtime

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Tesla Giga Shanghai again showed excellent results, even taking into account the negative impact on its work due to COVID-19. After a three-week shutdown in April, the manufacturer was able to quickly restore production with a limited number of employees and produced 10,757 vehicles.

For Tesla in China, April has certainly been a very difficult month. Another wave of COVID-19 cases that hit big cities forced the closure of all manufacturing plants in industrial areas. Shanghai, where the Tesla factory is located, has become one of those cities that have taken the most stringent measures. Giga Shanghai has been closed for three weeks since March 28. Thus, one-third of April, the Tesla factory was completely shut down, which is an extremely negative development for any manufacturer.

After a slight easing, the Shanghai government allowed production to resume, but whitelisted businesses had to start work in a closed-loop system. Starting April 19, less than half of the employees returned to Giga Shanghai, where they stayed 24 hours a day. It should be noted that starting production after a complete shutdown is a laborious process that requires a significant investment of time and effort.

Thus, in 11 days, Giga Shanghai produced 10,757 Model Y and Model 3 cars, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). This corresponds to about 977 vehicles per day. Considering that the factory worked in one shift, instead of the usual 3, this is a fairly high result, reflecting how hard the Chinese team is working. If we analyze the data for March then the factory produced about 2,123 cars per day.

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