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Tesla Giga Shanghai Restores Production Capacity to 70% of Pre-Lockdown Level

by Eva Fox May 30, 2022

Tesla Giga Shanghai Restores Production Capacity to 70% of Pre-Lockdown Level

Photo: VCG

Tesla has restored Giga Shanghai production capacity to 70% from pre-lockdown levels, the sources said. It is expected that within this week, the factory will be able to restore production to 100%, and will operate at full capacity in the last month of Q2.

Production at Giga Shanghai is gaining momentum despite continued challenges with COVID-19 in China. Sources told Reuters that the factory has already reached a production capacity of 70% of its previous level. This means that Giga Shanghai is currently producing more than 1,500 vehicles per day, up by 500 units from the start of last week. This rapid ramp-up is a good sign that the factory will soon return to full production.

Thanks to the assistance of the Shanghai government, and the excellent work of the management of Giga Shanghai, Tesla was able to start working in two shifts. At the beginning of last week, several thousand more workers arrived at the factory, who, after a 36 to 48-hour quarantine, were able to join the team that was already working there in a closed-loop system. The extra shift played a key role in the rapid recovery of production, and production is expected to reach 100% of pre-quarantine levels as early as this week.

Giga Shanghai was closed for three weeks in April, and the recovery of production was weighed down by an insufficient number of workers, new working conditions, and supply chain difficulties. However, just as Shanghai and other cities in China that were under lockdown are coming back to life, Tesla's factory is also actively working, trying to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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