Tesla Giga Shanghai Sold Almost 79k Cars in June, an Absolute Record

Tesla Giga Shanghai Sold Almost 79k Cars in June, an Absolute Record

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Tesla Giga Shanghai sold almost 79,000 vehicles in June, which is an absolute record for its entire existence. Almost all vehicles were sold in the domestic market.

In June, Tesla China sold a record number of vehicles. Giga Shanghai delivered 78,906 Chinese-made vehicles in June, according to data released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). This is 11% more than the previous record set in December 2021 of 70,847 vehicles. This high figure also shows that Giga Shanghai delivered 138% more vehicles, compared to 33,155 units a year ago.

The main sales were concentrated in the domestic market. In China, Giga Shanghai delivered 77,938 vehicles while exporting 968. This also highlights the fact that Tesla had big success in Europe in June thanks to deliveries that were shipped in May.

Tesla sold 52,557 Model Ys in June, making it the best-selling NEV for the month, according to the CPCA. The compact SUV outpaced China's Hongguang Mini EV SAIC-GM-Wuling with 46,249 units by a wide margin, a very strong showing. Thus, sales of Model Y in June increased by 352.2% from 11,623 units in the same month last year and by 794.6% from 5,875 units in May.

While the CPCA did not mention Model 3 sales, it is easy to calculate them yourself. Considering that Giga Shanghai only produces Model Y and Model 3, this means that sales of the sedan in June were 26,349 units.

The Chinese factory showed a sharp increase in sales in June, which is a very strong signal. After the next upgrade in July, Giga Shanghai should start producing about 86,000 vehicles per month, which will have a significant impact on delivery rates in 2022 and help offset losses due to the COVID-19 lockdown in China. Model Y production is expected to increase to 14,000 units per week and Model 3 production to 7,700 units per week. This also means that Giga Shanghai will reach a production capacity of around 1 million vehicles per year.

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