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Tesla Has 10 Year More Experiences, Says Volkswagen

Tesla Has 10 Year More Experiences, Says Volkswagen

Tesla began its work almost 17 years ago. All this time the company actively invented, created and implemented new, revolutionary products. Tesla's current success is the work of tens of thousands of employees under the leadership of its brilliant CEO Elon Musk.

A carmaker from Silicon Valley has turned the entire automotive industry of the world, creating a car that doesn't pollute the environment, doesn't need fossil fuels, has amazing performance characteristics and has advanced hardware and software.

Thanks to Tesla, electric cars became so popular that all traditional automakers felt the need to create they own. Despite the fact that for a long time they sabotaged the development of electric vehicles, they still had to meet the requirements of today's consumers.

Over the past few years, automakers with a long history have introduced or released several models of their electric vehicles.

First of all, they all faced the problem of the range of their vehicles. Tesla spent several years and a huge amount of money on R&D of batteries. Thanks to this, they have unique technologies that provide their vehicles with the highest range.

The next important point was that before the boom of electric vehicles, batteries were not needed in such quantity. Now, in order to increase the production of batteries, companies must expand their production capacity, and this process takes time. The limited number of batteries currently produced entails a delay in the production of electric vehicles. Tesla, in turn, has already established the production of batteries, the amount of which corresponds to their production goals.

In addition, the most important obstacle for traditional automakers was the hardware and software of cars, none of them still have this.

Volkswagen is trying to create an electric car that will have software that they say should be no worse than Tesla's. Whatever their expectations, reality shows that they are once again faced with problems. The company has been trying for months to create software that will work well, but at the moment, they haven’t succeeded and testers are faced with hundreds of errors during car testing.

Volkswagen hosted an event in Berlin on Thursday, at which Thomas Ulbrich, a member of the E-Mobility board of directors, admitted that Tesla has been a technology leader for 10 years. “Tesla is an impressive maker,” said Ulbrich. “This is a motivator for us. Tesla has 10 years more experience. But we are catching up very quickly.”

In mid-February, Nikkei Business Publications, a Japanese media outlet, conducted a teardown Model 3. The data obtained as a result was very impressive. Most of all, the car’s built-in central control unit Tesla, or “Full Self-Driving computer”, stands out. This technology is the company largest weapon in the growing electric car market. An engineer at a major Japanese automaker, after checking the computer, said they couldn’t do the same.

This chip (FSD computer) is the key to processing large amounts of data in tomorrow's smarter, more autonomous cars. Specialists in this industry expect that such technologies will begin to be applied no earlier than 2025. Objectively assessing, we can say that not a single technology (and even more so an automobile) company in the world possesses these technologies today. This means that Tesla is several years ahead of its competitors.

Experts around the world recognize the indisputable leadership of the California automaker in the creation of hardware and software. We sincerely hope that car companies around the world will be able to make electric vehicles that meet the demands of the times and the wishes of customers.

The main goal of Tesla is not the same as that of others, the company doesn't want to be the only leader in this area, it seeks to accelerate the transition of the world to sustainable energy sources. That is why company patents have open access and anyone can use them to create their own electric vehicles.

We support the goal of Tesla, so we will be sincerely happy if traditional car manufacturers create a high-quality electric car with high characteristics.

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