Tesla Begins Recruiting Staff to Design its Humanoid Robot, First Prototype Due in 2022

by Eva Fox August 25, 2021

Tesla Begins Recruiting Staff to Design its Humanoid Robot, First Prototype Due in 2022

Image: Tesla

Following the presentation of the humanoid robot during AI Day, Tesla began recruiting employees to form a development team. The company has opened four positions that are related to the modeling and development of robot components.

In addition to the impressive developments and progress unveiled at AI Day, Tesla presented something completely unimaginable. The company's CEO Elon Musk announced the development of a humanoid robot and said a prototype will be available next year. Such an announcement probably shocked many people, but the creation of a robot by the company was inevitable.

Tesla cars are already "semi-sentient robots on wheels." Its vehicles use technologies developed by the company to control themselves while driving (while under close supervision and readiness to intervene immediately by a human driver). This tech includes the Self-Driving computer, sensors, batteries, actuators, software, etc.—a collection of technology that already allows for the creation of robots. So Tesla decided it should enter this area to set the standard for the physical and moral aspects of the existence of such mechanisms.

Having a promising concept, without wasting time, Tesla began recruiting employees to develop a robot. The company opened four positions for:

  • Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Integration (Humanoid Robot)
  • Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Gear Design (Humanoid Robot)
  • Senior Humanoid Mechatronic Robotics Architect
  • Senior Humanoid Modeling Robotics Architect

In the job description, Tesla wrote that the development team is looking for specialists to model, develop, and produce humanoid bi-pedal robots (Tesla Bot). The team will consist of professionals in mechanical, electrical, and electromagnetic engineering disciplines.

Those who closely watch the company's work realize that Tesla has long gone beyond the manufacturing of automobiles and energy solutions. The modern world poses a number of complex challenges for manufacturers that can be easily solved with the help of AI. While they all use the help (but so far unsuccessfully) of third-party developers and manufacturers to create the appropriate hardware, software, and products, Tesla is truly unique because it has its own development team.

From the development of robotics for the production of their own cars to the development of unique hardware and software for their products, all this is to the merit of the Tesla team. Thus, we can no longer speak of the company only as a manufacturer of automobiles and energy solutions, but we are obliged to view Tesla as a robotics and artificial intelligence robotics company as well.

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