Tesla has registered 3 models for sale in Israel

Tesla has registered 3 models for sale in Israel

In November, Tesla registered a subsidiary of Israel under the name Tesla Motors Israel Ltd.. The reason that the company was registered in the country is the rules governing the import of cars into Israel, which require that the company registered in Israel be the importer. The registered office of the Israeli company is Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co., a law firm that represents Tesla in Israel.

A local team already decided to open a pop-up store at Ramat Aviv Mall in Tel Aviv. A pop-up store will allow potential customers to review some Tesla cars, especially its popular Model 3.

Also it became known that Tesla opens an R&D office in Israel. In the first stage, Israel R&D operations will focus on exploring for local startups and technologies involved in areas of interest for Tesla as well as talks and information exchange with Israeli companies, with some of whom Tesla has already had a business and technological relationship over the past two or three years. These include at least two to three technology companies, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) developers and advanced avionics companies, as well as companies in other areas.

In anticipation of the expected local launch, Tesla Inc., an electric and autonomous automotive company, has registered three models for sale in Israel, according to the country’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety’s website. All models that will be offered at this point will be equipped with dual-motor propulsion systems, instead of the standard single motor system, which will give even the cheapest model sold in the country a price of more than 300,000 shekels (approximately $86,700).

The registered models are the Tesla Model S, to be sold in both a 506 horsepower and a 707 horsepower version.

Source: Tesla website

The Model 3, equipped with a 390 horsepower motor.

Source: Tesla website

And the Model X six-seater, with a 707 horsepower motor.

Source: Tesla website

Capable of traveling a distance of between 310 miles and 370 miles between charges, Tesla’s selected models will exceed the capabilities of all other electric vehicles currently sold in the country, including those of Audi AG and Jaguar.

To date, Tesla is also working to promote a change in Israeli law that will increase the planned maximum tax breaks for cleaner vehicles.

Tesla is in demand in Israel, which has tried several times to import American-made Teslas through third-party dealerships. But Elon Musk and Tesla executives rejected these requests.

Tesla’s business model does not allow third-party dealers to sell their cars, but instead prefers to sell their vehicles directly to customers through Experience Centers or Galleries.

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