Tesla Haters in Germany Set Fire to Power Lines Supplying Giga Berlin, Investigation Underway

Tesla Haters in Germany Set Fire to Power Lines Supplying Giga Berlin, Investigation Underway

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The construction of Giga Berlin is under close scrutiny, as the manufacturer is constantly under attack from local media and activists. It seems that this time some of them have done serious harm, endangering not only Tesla but also the forest nearby. Several overhead power cables supplying the factory caught fire in the early hours of the morning, setting off a forest floor fire. The Vulkangruppe takes responsibility for the incident, although their guilt has yet to be confirmed.

While Tesla successfully builds factories in the US and China, in the heart of the European auto industry, the manufacturer faced great opposition. Protracted approval processes, media attacks that do not hesitate to publish false information, and now likely arson. On the night of May 25-26, a fire was noticed near Giga Berlin. It turned out that the power lines caught fire, which caused a fire on the forest floor. The fire was extinguished quickly and did not lead to the forest catching fire, which was a great success. If the forest began to burn, it would cause irreparable harm.

At about 2:40 am, the regional control center reported the fire to the police. At the moment, among other things, the police are investigating suspected arson, which has a possible political motive. “The LKA investigation team is currently at the scene and investigating the crime scene,” a police spokesperson said on the morning of May 26. The investigation is being carried out by 20 officials, and sniffer dogs are working on the spot. Local police also tweeted a statement indicating that the cables were damaged by someone.

However, more information has now appeared. At noon local time, a letter confessing the arson was posted on the platform. A group that calls itself "Vulkangruppe" wrote: "On the night of May 25-26, 2021, we cut off the power supply to the construction site of the Tesla Giga plant in Grünheide, near Berlin, and set six high-voltage cables laid above the ground on fire." In recent years, the name of this group has appeared several times in connection with arson, however the police have yet to verify their involvement in the fire.

The power line was in a forest about 1,640 feet from Giga Berlin. Police said that despite the fire, the cables were still in working order. Energy supplier Edis also announced: "An immediate power outage has not yet been required."

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