Tesla Helped Find & Fix a Bug in the Open-Source Bitcoin Payment Processor & Wallet BTCPay Server

Tesla Helped Find & Fix a Bug in the Open-Source Bitcoin Payment Processor & Wallet BTCPay Server

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Tesla disclosed a bug in the open-source Bitcoin payment processor and wallet BTCPay Server, and it also helped the project's team patch the flaw. The company began to take an active part in supporting Bitcoin after it bought $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency and made it possible for its customers to buy cars with it.

Tesla informed BTCPay's team of the bug after reviewing the project's GitHub last week. It affects users who boot BTCPay from “Docker Deployment, have a configured email server and enabled registration for users in Server Settings> Policies,” according to a post on BTCPay’s GitHub that included a software patch.

“The security team did an audit and contacted us. We then focused on fixing most of the points they disclosed one by one. They are now helping us to improve our process for security related disclosure,” BTCPay founder Nicolas Dorier told CoinDesk.

The BTCPay team publicly expressed gratitude to Tesla for "a responsible disclosure, helping us with remediation, and handling the situation professionally," in the software release fixing the bug.

While the BTCPay team did not comment on why Tesla is looking into the project code or whether it is using its Bitcoin payment platform, the code for Tesla's Bitcoin checkout’s invoices, however, shows traces of the same code found in most BTCPay invoices. Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously said that the company uses open source software to process payments.

BTCPay Server was launched in 2017 by Dorier, a Bitcoin developer, in response to popular Bitcoin payment processor BitPay's controversial statements regarding the 2016 SegWit soft fork. Since launching, BTCPay has been integrated as a donations portal for charitable efforts around the world, including Nigeria and Venezuela. The wallet is also used by many Bitcoin industry merchants and companies as a point of sale for online stores.

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