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Tesla Is an AI Robotics Company that Provides Up-to-Date Solutions to Existing Problems

Tesla Is an AI Robotics Company that Provides Up-to-Date Solutions to Existing Problems

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Everyone knows Tesla as an automotive and energy company, but not many people think about what else it offers. By producing not just cars, but computers equipped with unique hardware and software on wheels, Tesla has long been an AI robotics company.

The modern world presents manufacturers with a number of challenging tasks that are easily achievable for AI. While they all resort to the help (but at the moment unsuccessful) of third-party developers and manufacturers to create the appropriate hardware and software, Tesla is truly unique, because it is its own development team. From the development of robotics for the production of its own cars, and ending with the development of unique hardware and software for their products, all this is the merit of the Tesla team. Thus, we can no longer talk about the company only as only a manufacturer of cars and energy solutions, we are obliged to consider Tesla also as an AI robotics company.

During the Q1 2021 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk drew attention to the fact that in the long term, people will see Tesla as an AI robotics company as clearly as they see it today as an automotive and energy company. At the moment, Tesla is developing one of the world's strongest hardware and software AI teams. Musk made a reference to the development of Full Self-Driving (FSD), pointing out that the evolution of technologies that the company has developed to solve the problem of self-driving is impressive.

Since Tesla could not find a sufficiently powerful computer on the market that would ideally cope with the tasks set by the company, it developed its own FSD chip. Since there was no good software to perform the tasks of FSD, Tesla created its own team from scratch, which develops the world's most advanced, real AI. Another development of the company is the Dojo training supercomputer, which will accelerate the process of training neural networks for FSD. These are just some of the most striking examples.

Tesla combines many branches, forming a supercompany, a superorganism that is able to create anything to achieve maximum success in solving the problems posed. While other companies traditionally rely on thousands of parts suppliers to create a product, Tesla strives to design and manufacture as many parts as possible on its own. This is what makes it so special, and perhaps unattainable for competitors.

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