Tesla Is Dominating the German Auto Market & is Only Car Maker with Positive YoY Growth in November

Tesla Is Dominating the German Auto Market & is Only Car Maker with Positive YoY Growth in November

Car sales in Germany continue to recover. However, the registration of new vehicles is currently 3% lower than in November 2019. German brands Opel, Audi, and Mercedes saw modest increases in registrations, but the rest of the German brands saw double-digit declines.

The number of new registrations for import brands in November was mostly positive. Tesla continues to show stunning results with double-digit growth of more than 30%. In November, the company managed to register 1,680 vehicles.

The number of alternative fuel vehicle registrations in November increased by 522.8%, compared to the same period last year. Average CO 2 emissions decreased by -18.8% to 126.2 g/km.

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Steady growth in Tesla's Germany sales has led the company to be the only one in the German automotive market to see positive growth in 2020. Compared to the same period in 2019, Tesla managed to record a 37.2% increase YoY in registrations, according to KBA data. All other automakers have been crashing for months on end, while the California automaker continues to increase sales month after month.

Unlike the traditional automakers, which continue to design and manufacture ICE vehicles, Tesla is producing electric vehicles that will soon become the only vehicle type permitted for purchase in the EU, as initiatives to meet CO2 emission targets accelerate. Hence, Tesla can be expected to maintain its leading position in both Germany and the global market for the foreseeable future.

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