Tesla Is Increasing Deliveries in Q4 as 12 Ships with Cars Already Identified on Way to Asia & Europe

Tesla Is Increasing Deliveries in Q4 as 12 Ships with Cars Already Identified on Way to Asia & Europe

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In a little less than two months, Tesla will summarize the results of production and deliveries for Q4 2021. On the eve of the end of the year, the company is actively increasing deliveries, sending more and more ships around the world. At the moment, 12 ships with Tesla cars have already been identified heading to Asia and Europe.

2021 has been a very challenging year for the automotive industry. Nevertheless, Tesla has established itself as a strong manufacturer, constantly increasing the volume of production and deliveries. Yet, Q4 is traditionally the strongest. Keep in mind that the company plans to reduce the delivery wave at the end of the quarter in Q4 and Q1, according to information received from Tesla CEO Elon Musk during a discussion on Twitter. Therefore, deliveries should be well distributed throughout the quarter.

So far, @jpr007/Twitter has discovered 12 ships that are supposed to deliver Tesla vehicles to various countries. According to the data from the ships, they will be delivered to Asia and Europe, with vehicles manufactured at the Fremont and Giga Shanghai factories. @jpr007 discovered that two of the 12 identified ships are carrying vehicles from Fremont to Asia. The remaining 10 ships will travel from Shanghai to Europe.

According to information from Tesla's ship tracker @mortenlund89/Twitter, each of these ships can carry at least 2,000 vehicles. That being said, he clarified that at least one of the ships, in addition to Tesla's cars, will have cars from another manufacturer. Thus, at the moment we can account for at least 24,000 cars that could be delivered outside the U.S. and China. It should also be kept in mind that it may not be all ships that carry or will carry the manufacturer's cars in Q4, just as it is impossible to say for sure how many cars will fit in each of the ships.

At the moment, one ship from Giga Shanghai has already arrived on the shores of Europe. Six more ships from Giga Shanghai are already on their way to the region and soon we will see a wave of new registrations in European countries, which will give us a better idea of ​​how many vehicles were delivered by ship. One ship from Fremont is located off the coast of Asia.

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