Tesla Started Recruit Talents for Germany Gigafactory 4

Tesla Started Recruit Talents for Germany Gigafactory 4

The expectations for the planned Tesla factory in Brandenburg are high. The region hopes for economic growth and new jobs.

The euphoria in Berlin and Brandenburg was great when Elon Musk announced his plans to build Tesla plant in the vicinity of the German capital. Government of Brandenburg hope for thousands of jobs. According to preliminary data, the factory should employ 8,000 people when it starts operating at full capacity.

The regional government is confident that the right number of skilled workers will be provided for Tesla. The Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach sees no problem with a shortage of skilled workers for the new Tesla factory. He believes that the situation will help a high "density of science" in Berlin and Potsdam and proximity to Dresden. For example, due to the announced job cuts at German car manufacturers in southern Germany, Steinbach also believes it is realistic that some of these skilled workers will move to Brandenburg. In addition, according to the minister, workers from Poland can go to work at the new plant.

From the planned factory in Gruenheide to the German-Polish border, only about 37 miles, and the American automaker obviously also wants to use this to recruit employees from a neighboring country.

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The first Tesla job advertisements for a factory in the Berlin area include two HR positions. “Coordinator of recruitment operations,” that is, they are currently looking for people who must then hire additional employees. Candidates must have key qualifications and must also be fluent in German, English and Polish. Other languages ​​are welcome.

According to Oder-Spree County estimates, the number of migrants “attracted by Tesla” ranges from 50,000 to 100,000. In Grünheide, Tesla plans to produce 500,000 electric vehicles a year. The Grünheide contract has attracted attention, especially among German car companies. Steinbach acknowledged that Tesla would not initially start with a collective agreement for employees. “But I understand that Tesla knows that it will have to adapt to this in the medium term and act accordingly in partnership,” said the Minister of Economics, who is also responsible for working in Brandenburg.

Other requirements include the fact that candidates must have “a strong desire to work in the coolest company on the planet.”

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