Tesla Israeli Sales in 2021 Drive Local EV Market to Skyrocket 528%

by Eva Fox September 30, 2021

Tesla Israeli Sales in 2021 Drive Local EV Market to Skyrocket 528%

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Thanks to Tesla's entry into the Israeli market, the electric vehicle sector there has begun to transform significantly. The company's cars are having a significant impact on the growth of electric vehicle (EV) sales in the country and with the support of Tesla, in 2021, the sales of EVs in Israel grew by 528%.

Israeli internet publication The Globes, which often publishes the most up-to-date and accurate information about Tesla in the country, said that it already knows the sales data for September. According to their information, between January and September 2021, Tesla delivered 4,689 new cars on the roads of Israel. This means that 576 Model 3s were delivered in September, which again makes it the best-selling EV in the country.

In the first three quarters of 2021, 7,800 electric vehicles entered Israel's roads. This represents 528% growth over the prior year, sources told The Globes. Of the 7,800 EVs, Tesla cars make up 4,689 units, which is 60.1% of the EV market share. This reflects the incredibly huge influence the Californian manufacturer has on the Israeli car market.

Other automakers have a much smaller influence on the EV market, however they also support its development. In second place in sales for the first nine months of 2021, is MG ZS, manufactured by the Chinese company SAIC, with 1,143 deliveries. In third place is the Chinese manufacturer Aiways with 278 vehicles.

Although traditionally for Israel, the fourth quarter of the year is always the quietest in terms of EV sales, a serious disruption is expected this year. According to an industry source, a shipment of Tesla vehicles is set to leave Shanghai for Israel and Europe on October 11. Presumably, at the end of the month or early November, the ship will reach the coast of the country. The industry estimates it will ship more than 1,500 Tesla vehicles to Israel. It is expected that some of the cars will enter the fleet of leasing companies.

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