Tesla Keeps Bringing More Model Ys To Customers Before End Of Q2

by Eva Fox June 28, 2020

Tesla Keeps Bringing More Model Ys To Customers Before End Of Q2

Featured image: u/carella2moonston3 / Reddit

2Q 2020 ends in 2 days, and Tesla strengthens the delivery of vehicles to its customers. This quarter was particularly difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the Fremont factory, which produces most of the vehicles delivered worldwide, was closed for more than a month. However, thanks to the tireless work of company employees and organized management, the factory quickly returned to full operation.

Model Y deliveries started 6 months earlier than the planned date, so in Q2 the production and delivery of this model will have a significant positive effect on quarterly figures.

In the delivery centers, we can see many Model Ys which are waiting for their new owners. People note that the amount of these models is unexpectedly high. This indicates that Tesla was able to produce a significant amount of Model Y, despite the fact that its production facilities in Fremont were closed more than a third of the Q2.

Also now, people can see many trucks delivering Model Y throughout North America. Such videos, the number of which has increased in recent days, can be seen on Twitter, Reddit, or YouTube.
A Truckload of MYs about to cross the Bay Bridge from r/TeslaModelY
In general, everything indicates that Tesla produced and will be able to deliver an unexpectedly high quantity of Model Y. Many analysts, when making forecasts, removed this model from the equation, which is incorrect and will lead to errors in the forecasts.

According to TroyTeslike, highest Model Y VIN is now 23.502. Based on this, he suggests that there is a high probability that 19,227 vehicles were produced and 18,027 of them will be delivered in Q2. Soon we will know the real numbers, but according to assumptions, they will pleasantly surprise investors.

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