Tesla Launches World’s Largest 72-Stall Supercharging Station in Shanghai China

Tesla Launches World’s Largest 72-Stall Supercharging Station in Shanghai China

On December 31, Tesla officially launched the world's largest supercharging station at Shanghai Jing'an International Center (China) with 72 supercharging stalls. This is an excellent example of the perfect combination of the "new infrastructure" of electric vehicles with modern commercial centers. The world’s largest supercharging station is located in a commercial center to provide new ideas for the planning of charging networks in major cities around the globe.

After the completion of the new supercharging station, it will be across the river from the previous world's largest super charging station at Pudong Dingxiang International Center. The two super-large Tesla supercharging stations can serve Pudong and Puxi users at the same time, reducing charging anxiety and making travel more convenient. The establishment of one after another landmark superchargers in China is an important measure for Tesla to fulfill its commitment to "further root in the Chinese market and serve more consumers."

Currently, Tesla China has built a total of 75 supercharging stations and 48 destination charging stations in Shanghai. The world's largest supercharging station and the first V3 supercharging station in Asia are also located in Shanghai. Tesla's self-operated charging network not only covers the urban core area and surrounding popular self-driving routes, but also interconnects with cities such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Hangzhou, and Nantong, providing convenience for users’ daily travel. The number of superchargers in Shanghai is constantly increasing as the number of users continues to grow with soaring demand.


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