Tesla Is Launching the Tesla Shareholder Platform to Be More Open to its Shareholders

Tesla Is Launching the Tesla Shareholder Platform to Be More Open to its Shareholders

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Tesla is launching the Tesla Shareholder Platform to be more open to its shareholders. This will allow shareholders of the company to receive up-to-date news and will give access to some exclusive features.

Tesla has announced the launch of its new proprietary shareholder platform, the Tesla Shareholder Platform. Shareholders who register on it will receive Tesla Investor Relations information, announcements, access to Q&As, and the opportunity to participate in events. In addition, Tesla hinted that the platform could further expand its functionality for investors, writing that they will be able to “hear more updates soon.”

In order to register on the platform, you need to enter your email address and confirm your status as a shareholder through the Say platform. Tesla uses this platform to allow investors to ask questions for earnings calls. You can also verify your shareholder status manually through another platform, no matter where you hold your shares.

Shareholders can choose different levels based on the information they want to receive from Tesla.

Press Releases, Shareholder Deck, Deliveries, Earnings Calls, Blog Posts

Basic + Some SEC Documents (10-Q, 10-K, 8-K)

Intermediate + All other SEC Documents

The new platform is Tesla's next step to make the experience of interacting with it as pleasant as possible. Now all the necessary information and access to various functions are collected in one place.

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