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Tesla Remote Livestream Video May Be Coming Soon to Your Tesla App

Tesla Remote Livestream Video May Be Coming Soon to Your Tesla App

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The ability to view video from Tesla vehicle cameras in real-time is a very useful-- and long-requested--feature. Currently, Tesla owners who have activated Sentry Mode receive a notification on their phone if an alarm goes off on their car. In addition, when the car identifies a dangerous activity/threat in its radius, video recording starts. This is a very useful feature, but livestreaming capability would be even more welcome. And now, according to hackers' observations, Tesla may indeed soon introduce livestream video to its vehicles.

Hacker @greentheonly/Twitter and @teslascope/Twitter have noticed that, in a future update, Tesla will introduce some improvements to Sentry Mode. Green wrote that, in the future, there may be a remote camera view, though he is uncertain on a timeframe.

@greentheonly went on to explain what he means by remote camera viewing. He wrote that this feature will not just be limited to active Sentry Mode; owners will be able to watch video from the car cameras in real-time--at any time--through the phone app. This news will surely please Tesla owners since now their cars can be under constant supervision. In case of the slightest need, the owner can simply make sure that everything is in order with the car, and no suspicious activity is identified.

Despite the fact that livestreaming from several cameras would take up significant bandwidth, it looks like Tesla was able to find a way to make this long-requested feature work--further bolstering Tesla's premium ownership experience.

Source: Twitter, Drive Tesla Canada

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