Tesla Localizes & Secures All Data Generated by its Business in China Without Overseas Transfer, Says Elon Musk

by Eva Fox September 26, 2021

Tesla Localizes & Secures All Data Generated by its Business in China Without Overseas Transfer, Says Elon Musk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke at the 2021 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China. He talked about the company's policy towards data that appears in connection with the company's work in China, and assured that these data are not transferred overseas.

During the 2021 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke more about the company and raised awareness among people and the Chinese government towards its work. He touched on many different issues, discussing one of the most important concerns to the Chinese government—data security.

At the conference, Musk said data security is the key to the success of intelligent and connected vehicles. It is not only closely linked to an individual's interests but also matters to the whole society. He said that Tesla is pleased to see a number of laws and regulations that have been issued to improve data governance.

At the end of May, Tesla announced that it had opened a data center in China. The new data center stores information collected from cars sold in the country, which should reassure local authorities and residents of the country. Tesla has always reliably protected its customers' data, but China prefers that all data collected by the company's cars in the country remain in the country. The company said it will store all the information gathered there at a local data center. This move is evidence that Tesla is deeply interacting with the Chinese authorities.

Musk explained that in addition to customer data, the local data center stores absolutely all data related to the company's business in China, including production, sales, service, and charging. Thus, all personally identifiable information is securely stored in China without being transferred overseas. The head of the company said that the exchange of data can only take place if, for example, it is necessary to order spare parts from overseas. In this case, the transfer of data can be approved.

"I believe data protection is not only an issue of one single company but should be a mutual effort for all industry players. We are working with regulators on finding the best solution for data security," Musk said.

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