Tesla Lets Owners Program Custom Light Shows

Tesla Lets Owners Program Custom Light Shows

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Before Christmas, Tesla began distributing the holiday update and, among many other things, introduced “Light Show” for the first time to its entire vehicle lineup. However, the show is not limited to the standard settings from the manufacturer and users can customize and present it to the public on their own.

Tesla's big holiday update this year has the potential to delight a lot of car owners as it brings along some highly anticipated features and entertainment. For example, the appearance of Waypoints has been expected for a long time, since the function is extremely useful when planning routes. Another important feature that has appeared in cars is the Blind Spot Camera, which allows you to automatically see in real time an image of blind spots when a turn signal is activated in the car.

Since it is the holiday season, it’s time for some high-end entertainment. Tesla introduced new games and expanded functionality of the old ones, also adding support for TikTok. In addition, Light Show was expanded beyond the Model X. For the company's SUV, this feature was introduced back in 2015, and along with the light show, the Model X “danced” with its falcon wings. Now Models Y, 3, and S are also hosting Light Show, which provides first-class entertainment.

Supported Vehicles

  • Model S (2021+)
  • Model 3
  • Model X (2021+)
  • Model Y
  • Running Software v11.0 (2021.44.25) or newer

However, Tesla did not limit its customers to the standard Light Show and provided owners with the ability to customize it on their own. As described, a custom show can be run on a supported vehicle by loading it via a USB flash drive. Any owner can create and share their shows with others. One show can be used and run on any supported vehicle and is independent of the model. The sequence data is stored in a .fseq file and the music comes from your choice of .mp3 or .wav. The company described in detail how this can be done using this link.

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