Tesla Cybertruck Armor Glass May Be Undergoing Testing as Giga Texas Production Slated to Begin in 2021

Tesla Cybertruck Armor Glass May Be Undergoing Testing as Giga Texas Production Slated to Begin in 2021

Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled to the public one year ago, in November of 2019. From the very first moment, it struck everyone. This steel beast was probably ahead of its time, as many people were not ready for such a design. However, after people had more time to process the unveiling, Cybertruck became incredibly popular and desirable. According to unofficial information, the electric pickup truck received over 700k pre-orders.

Cybertruck's characteristics impressed not only ordinary consumers but also attracted police officers who expressed their desire to acquire several for use in the service.

As Elon Musk promised, the Tesla Cybertruck is not like any other pickup that we can see today. The car looks like a futuristic armored personnel carrier, which generally matches its description. And the truck features an angular exterior, a large bed, and unbelievably stunning wheels.

Cybertruck has a thick and sturdy stainless steel case that, as we saw during the unveiling, did not deform even from the impact of a heavy sledgehammer. And its armored windows from Armor Glass protect passengers from even the most unexpected situations. This kind of added protection is exactly what police officers expect from their service vehicle, and Tesla does not intend to disappoint.

Benzinga sources now report that Tesla has begun testing Armor Glass on its vehicles. According to the information, some of their mobile service vans are now equipped with new armored glass, and are now being tested in real road conditions.

This is not the first time the materials that will be used to made Cybertruck have been tested. In August 2020, based on a Tesla field technician's statement, Tesmanian reported that the company has deployed different types of steel for testing across its service vehicle fleet in the form of a steel plate, mounted as a front license plate.

The construction of Giga Texas, which will host Cybertruck production, is progressing swiftly. Electric pickup truck deliveries will begin in 2021, meaning that the company has a clear plan to complete Phase 1 of the new plant in 2021--though it is not specified exactly when. According to the documents that Tesla included in the “Travis County Colorado River Project Partner Pre-Qualification Presentation,” the first substantial completion is scheduled for May 1, 2021.

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