Tesla Refreshed Model X May Soon Begin Production In March

Tesla Refreshed Model X May Soon Begin Production In March

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Rumors that Tesla plans to update Model S and Model X have been circulating in the community for some time now. While the visually altered Model S has been spotted several times on the roads near the Fremont factory, there has been no mention of the Model X. But it seems that we have received the first confirmation that the company will soon begin production of the updated Model X, which is scheduled for delivery in March.

A customer who placed a Model X order in Germany placed it in 2020 before Tesla raised the price by €5,000. However, due to the fact that the company stopped deliveries (obviously, as well as production), he was unable to receive the car at the price that was set at the time of the order. Since the owner then had to pay a higher price for the car, he was upset and therefore contacted Tesla, Teslamag reports.

After the customer left a complaint, the company employees contacted him several times by phone. In one such phone call, Tesla offered him a choice: get the Model X, which was produced in 2020 at the price he originally paid, or get an updated model, which will appear in March 2021, but at €5,000 more.

Previously, all the information that was obtained from various sources indicated only that Tesla was actively working on an updated Model S. To date, the information from the German customer is the first mention and confirmation that Tesla intends to release a refreshed Model X.

Tesmanian reported last week that three mysterious, covered bodies in white were found at the Fremont factory. The covers made it difficult to see and identify well which models these were. However, on the outside, they appeared massive and looked more like a Model S or X body, and not like their more compact siblings, Model Y and 3. Upon closer look, it seemed that at least one of the three cars was Model X, due to the fact that it had a wider spoiler and a higher rear end than Model S.

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