Tesla Megacharger for Semi is Massive, Photos Show

Tesla Megacharger for Semi is Massive, Photos Show

Photo: The Kilowatts/Twitter

PepsiCo. plans to soon receive the first 15 Tesla Semis for use at its California plant. Megachargers for charging the Class 8 trucks have already arrived at Frito-Lay in Modesto and will be installed shortly. According to the photos, the chargers are massive.

The first Tesla Megachargers arrived at PepsiCo's Frito-Lay facility in Modesto, California in early January and were photographed. A lot of details were noticed at the time, but no one noticed the size of the charger, as there was simply nothing to compare it to to get an idea. However, now we have managed to get an idea of ​​the size of the Megacharger, which lives up to its name not only due to the fact that it has high power but also because of its size.

The Kilowatts/Twitter visited the PepsiCo. facility in Modesto and got some interesting and informative photos. The guys had to work hard, as they were able to see and photograph three Megachargers, which were hidden in a fairly secluded place, between a container and a truck. In addition, the guys managed to capture a nearby object, with the help of which they were able to determine the size of the charger especially well.

In one of the photos, near one of the Megachargers, there was a portable toilet, in comparison with which it looked the same height. So it's safe to say that the charger is about 7 feet tall, which is quite massive, but shouldn't come as a surprise.

The Megacharger is an essential component to keep Tesla Semi running, and according to rumors, it could charge up to 1.5 MW, requiring a special design and cable cooling system. Higher current flow in cable charging results in the generation of more heat, which must be removed to prevent overheating and damage to the charging cable. As a result, the conductors of the charging cables have traditionally been sized larger to match higher current draws, resulting in greater bulk.

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