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Tesla Model 3 Wins Drive's 2020 Best Electric Car Of The Year Award in Australia


The Tesla Model 3 won Drive’s 2020 Best EV of the Year award in Australia. Drive is one of the continent’s most trusted motoring publications.

Drive named the Tesla Model 3 the Best EV of the Year because of its “potent blend of performance and range.” Tesla’s growing Supercharger Network was another factor the judges noted while making their decision. The Tesla Model 3’s tech was also a factor that gave it an edge over the competition, specifically the Jaguar I-Pace and Hyundai Kona.

Based on the Drive judges’ comments about the Model 3, they seemed to think that Tesla’s most affordable vehicle was well-rounded. For a relatively reasonable price, the Model 3 had an excellent mix of technology and driving performance.

Trent Nikolic, one of Drive’s Car of the Year judges, specifically talked about the Model 3’s infotainment display. “The technology is amazing. This central screen is excellent. Being able to control the entire car from that do it simply and easily and in a way that makes sense is a real bonus,” commented Nikolic about the Model 3’s infotainment display.

He also noted that Tesla’s affordable sedan “rides well” and “handles well,” too. Nikolic also mentioned that the price of Model 3 was reasonable, given its capabilities and range, which has been a legitimate concern for new EV owners.

The Australian publication recommended the Tesla Model 3 to people interested in switching from fossil-fuel vehicles to battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The judges’ observations about the Model 3 reveal why they would recommend it to new EV owners.

Tesla’s Model 3 had an excellent range to quell new EV owners who worry about running out of juice. Nikolic also shared that the Model 3 could be useful, too. It has room for a small family, at least. In addition to its reasonable price, the Model 3 seemed to hit the right notes for Drive judges.

The Drive added a new category for EVs in its reviews this year because of their popularity and the traction that battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) have gained in the auto market. The Australian publication said that picking a winner out of the electric vehicle category wasn’t easy because more manufacturers have entered the market. Yet despite all the competition, it was the Tesla Model 3 that still stood at the top when the dust settled. 

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