Tesla Model 3 Becomes Significantly More Affordable in Europe

Tesla Model 3 Becomes Significantly More Affordable in Europe

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Tesla continues to delight its customers with lower prices for its cars in Europe, which makes them much more affordable for purchase. This step should significantly stimulate already very active sales of one of the most advanced EV models in the world, in the European market.

Today Tesla has significantly reduced the prices of Model 3 in several European countries. Now, the company's most popular car has become several thousand euros cheaper than it was before, and can qualify for additional bonuses, depending on the country of registration. Tesla enthusiasts from various European countries report that, given the new prices and government incentives for the purchase of EVs, now Model 3 can now be purchased, in some cases, even 20% lower than before.

For example, in Germany, before potential incentives to buy the popular, environmentally friendly car, Model 3 would cost:

  • Standard Range +: €39,990
  • Long Range AWD: €49,990
  • Performance: €54,990

The Standard Range + Model 3 could receive a purchase incentive of €6,000, which would ultimately lead to a cost of €33,990. Previously, for the same model and configuration, owners had to pay €42,900 (before incentives). Clearly, buying Model 3 SR+ at the new price is a great deal.

In France, Model 3 also received a very significant price cut, making it significantly more affordable (prices exclude €3,000 purchase incentives).

  • Standard Range +: €43,800
  • Long Range AWD: €51,990
  • Performance: €59,990

With the development of Tesla and its improved production processes, the company can offer increasingly better prices for its cars. Ultimately, Tesla's goal has always been the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, so the company seeks to reduce the cost of production, in various ways. The main direction for achieving this goal is the development and production of their own batteries, which will be much cheaper than its existing ones today.

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