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Tesla Model 3 Less Prone to Breakdowns, EVs Overall More Reliable than ICE, Study Shows

Tesla Model 3 Less Prone to Breakdowns, EVs Overall More Reliable than ICE, Study Shows

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Tesla Model 3 is the mid-sized car least prone to breakdowns, according to Germany's largest public motorists' organization. Its study showed that EVs are generally more reliable than cars with internal combustion engines.

Germany's largest public organization of motorists, the largest in Europe ADAC, has published analysis of its data on car breakdowns on German roads in 2022. In addition to general data, the ADAC has paid particular attention to electric cars. Unfortunately, only a few EV models were chosen for evaluation. The organization only analyzed cars that sold a large enough number of units over a two-year period. In addition to all gasoline and diesel cars, Tesla Model 3, BMW i3, Renault Zoe and VW ID.3 were evaluated.

ADAC notes that the most frequent cause of breakdowns for both electric and internal combustion engine vehicles is the starter battery. It is noted that, in reality, it is impossible to assess whether the owners or the manufacturers are to blame for the battery breakdowns. It is widely known that the starter battery is often discharged by owners who may forget to turn off the headlights/lighting in the cab or use the car too little, causing the battery to run out quickly.

Since electric cars have only become widely popular in the last couple of years, ADAC took data on breakdowns only for those whose first registration date was in 2020 and who sold enough cars. To make a fair comparison, data was taken from internal combustion engine vehicles whose first registration date was also in 2020. Per 1,000 vehicles, 6.9 breakdowns were in internal combustion engine vehicles. Meanwhile, only 4.9 breakdowns were in EVs. The difference shows that, overall, electric cars break down less frequently than internal combustion engine cars.

In addition, Tesla Model 3 is the most reliable mid-size car, among all drivetrain types, according to data analysis from 2019. Model 3s registered in 2019 had just 0.9 breakdowns for every 1,000 cars sold. Those registered in 2020 had 1.1 breakdowns for every 1,000 sold.

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