Tesla Model Y Occupants Walk Away After Their Car Rolls Over 3 Times in Horrific Accident

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 24, 2021

Tesla Model Y Occupants Walk Away After Their Car Rolls Over 3 Times in Horrific Accident

Photo: Gilbert Tang/Twitter

Tesla cars have an excellent reputation for being the safest on the road. A Tesla Model Y protected its occupants from a terrible accident in which it rolled over three times.

On the evening of October 22, Gilbert Tang/Twitter and his wife were driving home. The car was driven at 73 mph. Moments before the impact, Gilbert noticed the headlights of another car in the rearview mirror and realized that it was about to hit them. In such a situation, it is difficult to decide on the right action, since the car could quickly veer to overtake, so staying in the same lane was the best choice.

It turned out that the other driver fell asleep at the wheel, and his foot simply dropped to the accelerator, forcing the car to pick up speed. It is difficult to determine for sure the speed at which the other vehicle was moving. Gilbert suggested that it was about 90 mph, but some members of the Tesla community, based on observations, suggested it was in excess of 100 mph. Crashing with such force, Model Y spun 270°, hit the center divider backwards, and rolled three times!

Dashcam footage partially captures the terribleness of the accident, as the car can be clearly seen rolling over, continuing to hit the road surface. We can only imagine what horror Gilbert and his wife experienced. It should also be kept in mind that the bodies of the occupants of the car have experienced an incredibly strong physical impact, which could cause irreparable harm to their health and life. However, thanks to the design of Model Y, they were not seriously injured and were able to walk away.

The safety of Tesla vehicles continues to impress, as protecting occupants in the event of an accident is their top priority. All cars of the company have a five-star safety rating, for which they have become some of the most coveted today. Accidents like that of Gilbert are the best proof that Tesla's occupants will be protected if an accident occurs.

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