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A Tesla Model 3's Windshield & Roof Saved Its Occupants’ Lives After Being Hit by Huge Tree

A Tesla Model 3's Windshield & Roof Saved Its Occupants’ Lives After Being Hit by Huge Tree

Image: San Mateo County S.O.

The glass roof and windshield of a Tesla Model 3 saved the lives of passengers from a huge tree that fell on the car. The solid construction of the entire vehicle protected the company's customers, allowing them to remain unharmed.

Tesla Model 3 once again showed its best side, saving the lives of two people inside. Two passengers were driving along Old La Honda Road and Skyline Boulevard in Portola Valley, California, in San Mateo County, when they became victims of terrible weather. On Thursday, there was a severe storm in the area, bringing heavy rain and gusts of wind that caused a lot of damage. When the Model 3 passed near a huge tree, a strong wind broke it, and it fell right on the Tesla car.

According to photos shared by San Mateo County S.O. on Twitter, the tree fell right on the windshield and roof of the Model 3. It is amazing how the glass parts of the car, together with the strong frame, completely protected the passengers and prevented the tree from getting inside the car and harming the occupants. Passengers were able to leave the car on their own power through the front doors. San Mateo County S.O. reported that both passengers are expected to be fine.

All Tesla vehicles are designed with safety as the top priority. Thanks to this, all cars of the company top all kinds of safety ratings, reaching the highest marks in their groups. One of the important factors in Tesla's stellar safety rating is the roof of the car. Despite being made of glass, it is much more durable than the roofs of other cars traditionally made of metal.

While the metal panel that forms the roof of legacy cars is usually the thinnest and least rigid sheet metal on a vehicle and provides little protection in the event of damage through the roof, roofs of Tesla cars are made of a double layer of tempered glass, laminated with thermoplastic. It is much stiffer than any thin sheet metal roof. To gauge the real strength of a Model 3 roof, just keep in mind that it can support the weight of two full-grown African elephants. Although the glass can shatter during a hard impact, the plastic holds all the pieces together, preventing them from shattering into the cabin.

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