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Tesla Model 3 Could Be Sold Out in the USA for the Rest of 2019


Tesla’s Model 3 may be sold out in the USA for the rest of 2019. This news is a good sign for Q4 2019, which will be ending this month. The all-electric automaker does seem to be pushing deliveries and taking full advantage of the last weeks of the year. 

Tesla enthusiast @TeslaDieHardFan related the update on Twitter, noting that Model 3 deliveries in the United States are not possible for 2019 on the automaker’s order page anymore. Anyone who logs onto Tesla’s Model 3 configurator in the USA will see an estimated delivery date at the bottom. 

Currently, consumers who purchase a Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Long Range, or Performance version will get an estimated delivery date of 5 to 8 weeks. This means that Model 3 customers in the United States will get their vehicles delivered in Q1 2020 instead.  

Tesla does seem to be revving up deliveries and trying to make the most out of the remaining weeks of 2019. Previously, the same Tesla enthusiast reported that the Model 3 was also sold out in Europe. 

@TeslaDieHardFan’s claims about Model 3 sales in Europe were supported by other supporters of the all-electric car maker. One Tesla enthusiast @enn-nanflaus noted that all Tesla Model 3 were sold out in North America, China, New Zealand, and Australia for 2019 because consumers were getting 2020 delivery date estimates already. 

Tesla watchman Franco Mossotto, who keeps an eye one ships carrying the automaker’s vehicles to Europe, observed that ten ships have arrived with batches of Model 3 since Q4 started. All the Model 3 units on those boats reportedly have buyers already.

In Yokohama, Japan, another cargo ship recently docked carrying a large shipment of Tesla Model 3s. News of the ship came from another Tesla watchman and enthusiast, Morten Grove, who also actively tracks the electric car maker's shipments from the United States. 

During 2019 Q3 earnings call, Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn talked about the rising demand for the company's vehicles, reported The Motley Fool. “Our global order rate remains strong and continues to increase. Despite increases to production levels, our order backlog has been growing, and quarter to date, orders are significantly higher than at this point in the last quarter,” said Kirkhorn.

Tesla estimated that it would deliver between 360k to 400K in 2019, and it may just achieve that goal if the fourth quarter sees deliveries of about 105,000 vehicles across the globe. If it does, Q4 2019 will be quite exciting for the Tesla community. 

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